Industrial Emissions Analyzer S9000-RACK

Dedicated to continous measurement of industrial emissions. Thanks to its rack mounting, it is ideal for research and development environments as well as process monitoring.

  • Serial communication port type RS485 according to protocol MODBUS® RTU USB Communication
  • 4 .. 20 mA isolated output
  • Output signal: from 4 to 20mA scalable up to 10% of the measurement range of the chosen sensor. Other calibrations beyond this limit on request 
  • 4 alarm relays outputs
  • Heated probes available up to 20 ft (6m) connection
  • Efficiency calculations
  • Condensing efficiency calculation
  • PCI efficiency calculation
  • PCS efficiency calculation
  • 15 default fuels
  • 32 programmable fuels
  • CO sensor protected by an automatic dilution system
  • up to 6 gas sensors in total
  • NDIR bench (measuring up to 3 gases)
  • Electrochemical gas measurement sensors (up to 5)
  • Stack temperature measurement (2 temperatures)
  • Ambient or Primary Air Source Temperature
  • Thermal Compensation
  • Draft in the stack with automatic autozero
  • Measurement of the differential pressure
  • Stack Air Velocity measurement with the use of Pitot tube
  • Suction pump flow rate measurement
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The S9000-RACK can measure emissions generated by industrial combustion or transformation processes and it analyzes different gases thanks to the NDIR and electrochemical technology.
Combustions and emissions parameters are displayed in real time on the unit’s color display, along with PC Software or on a PLC that receives data via RS485 serial connection.
The sensors are thermally compensated in order to avoid measurement errors that could be caused by temporary thermal variation.
The distinctive feature of the S9000-RACK is its rack structure that allows the use in standard 19’’ cabinet or even in laboratories because it comes standard equipped with 4 rubber bumpers as standard.

Continuous analyses


The S9000-RACK is designed to perform continuous analyses thanks to an automatic commutation system that allows to reset both the gas sensors and the pressure sensor used for draft measures or differential pressure measures. This, together with a Pitot tube, allows for measurement of gas velocity inside the evacuation duct.

An important feature of the S9000-RACK is the internal cooling system that causes a quick condensation of the moisture contained in the gas thus allowing the gas to reach the sensors without dissolving in water. The gases that benefit from this system are NO2, SO2, NH3, H2S.

Technical features
  • O2 (0-25%)

  • CO (0-8000ppm)

  • NO/NOx (0-5000ppm)

  • CO Dilution (0 .. 100000 ppm)

  • Calculations Efficiency, Loss, Excess Air, & CO2

  • Probe 12” (300mm), 1470F (800C) max, with 10’ (3m) Dual Hose

  • Display Large Full Color Graphic Screen

  • Data Storage Internal Memory (16,000 Tests)

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