S9000 BIO

S9000 Bio Biogas Analyzer

All the features of the S9000 analyzer, now available for biogases analysis.

  • Ability to simultaneously measure up to 12 different gases, with up to 9 single gas measuring sensors and one infrared bench (NDIR) for High CO, Direct CO2 & Hydrocarbons (HC)
  • Measurable gases: O2, CO, CO2, CxHy, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, H2, NH3 with different ranges and accuracies
  • Programmed Fuels for BioFuel 5%, B20, B50, B80, B100, Methane, Diesel, Digester, methane, LPG, propane, butane, light oil, heavy oil, wood, pellets, natural gas, coal, & more
  • Pump for gas sample and 2nd dilution pump for CO cell protection
  • Withstand very high stack temperatures
  • Double particulate filter system
  • Standard expansion water trap or Peltier quick Cooler
  • Automatic condensate drainage with peristaltic pump
  • Power supply from Lithium Ion Batteries or AC Power
  • Datalogger function
  • Industrial Grade Metal Case
  • Optional Heated Lines Available
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S9000 Bio
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Here some examples of application of the new S9000 Bio analyzer.

  • Biogas plants
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Municipal or industrial waste water treatment plants
  • Coal seam (coal mine gas)
  • Food and animal waste treatment plants
  • Biomethane plants (natural gas grid feed-in)
  • Landfill
  • Digester
Technical features
  • O2 (0-25%)

  • CO (0-8000ppm)

  • NO/NOx (0-5000ppm)

  • CO Dilution Auto-Range up to 10%

  • Calculations Efficiency, Loss, Excess Air, & CO2

  • Probe 12” (300mm), 1470F (800C) max, with 10’ (3m) Dual Hose

  • Battery Rechargeable Pack with AC Charger

  • Display Large Full Color Graphic Screen

  • Built-In Printer (Non-Fading Paper)

  • Data Storage Internal Memory (16,000 Tests)

  • Communications Wireless BlueTooth

  • Case Transportable Heavy Duty Aluminum Carrying

  • Upgrade up to 9 electrochemical gas sensors + up to 3 NDIR gases (NDIR Bench)

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