Industrial Emissions Analyzer S9000

The S9000 is a high-end industrial emissions analyzer, mainly used for industrial burners, cogeneration, gas turbines, industrial ovens and processes, laboratories and generally everywhere the need is to measure and register for long periods the gas emissions, in compliance with existing EPA protocols and Regulations. It can be configured with Built in Chiller and Probe with heated head.

  • Ability to simultaneously measure up to 12 different gases, with up to 9 single gas measuring sensors and one infrared bench (NDIR) for High CO, Direct CO2 & Hydrocarbons (HC)
  • Measurable gases: O2, CO, CO2, CxHy, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, H2, NH3 with different ranges and accuracies
  • Heated probe and head available
  • Standard fuels in memory: methane, LPG, propane, butane, light oil, heavy oil, biogas, wood, pellets, coal. Up to 16 additional fuels can be added by the user
  • Pump for gas sample and 2nd dilution pump for CO cell protection
  • Withstand very high stack temperatures
  • Positive, negative and Pressure Differential measurement
  • Gas sampling probes of different type and length / heated head and hose probe 
  • Double particulate filter system
  • Standard expansion water trap or Peltier quick Cooler
  • Automatic condensate drainage with peristaltic pump
  • Memory up to 16,000 complete analysis
  • USB output for PC connection
  • Bluetooth® Class 1
  • Power supply from Lithium Ions Batteries or mains 90…260 Vac
  • AC Charger / power supply inside the instrument. 
  • Datalogger function
  • Industrial Grade Metal Case
  • Real-time data logging PC Software included
  • Bulit-in printer
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The S9000 industrial analyzer is made up of two parts:

  • the central unit includes flex gas sensors (max 9) and CO2/CO/CxHy (NDIR bench) optional
  • the gas sampling system


Model Description
S9000-1 Flex gas sensors (max 9), Anti-condensation trap
S9000-1-IR3 Flex gas sensors (max 9), NDIR bench (CO2/CO/CxHy), Anti-condensation trap
S9000-2 Flex gas sensors (max 9), Anti-condensation cyclone Cooler with Peltier cell
S9000-2-IR3 Flex gas sensors (max 9), NDIR bench (CO2/CO/CxHy), Anti-condensation cyclone Cooler with Peltier cell


Gas sampling systems

Passive Type: utilisies probes with different tip lengths and fittings, made of different materials, with a flexible tube connection to the central unit in various lengths.

Active Type: utilises gas sampling probe with heated head and flexible heated tube. This characteristic prevents water vapor and condensation to reach the central unit, which can affect the measurements of gases that are easily soluble in water, such as NO2 and SO2. The active sensor maintains the gas sample at a higher temperature than the dew point and keeps it stable as far as the cooling system: this is a fast, cyclone type with Peltier cell. The water vapor condenses so quickly that the NO2 and SO2 gases do not have time to dissolve in water, resulting in the most accurate measurements possible especially Low NOx, Low SO2.


Technical features
  • O2 (0-25%)

  • CO (0-8000ppm)

  • NO/NOx (0-5000ppm)

  • CO Dilution Auto-Range up to 10%

  • Calculations Efficiency, Loss, Excess Air, & CO2

  • Probe 12” (300mm), 1470F (800C) max, with 10’ (3m) Dual Hose

  • Battery Rechargeable Pack with AC Charger

  • Display Large Full Color Graphic Screen

  • Built-In Printer (Non-Fading Paper)

  • Data Storage Internal Memory (16,000 Tests)

  • Communications Wireless BlueTooth

  • Case Transportable Heavy Duty Aluminum Carrying

  • Upgrade up to 9 electrochemical gas sensors + up to 3 NDIR gases (NDIR Bench)

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