Transceiver antenna for home automation systems

Transceiver antenna for home automation systems, featured with bidirectional wireless technology, it acts as gateway between radio inputs at 868 MHz and inputs on serial port with Modbus® protocol.

When it is connected to a pc or to a home automation hub, it allows to connect the automation hub with one or more TRD03B radio thermostats, making possible to remote control every radio thermostat.

A maximum of 50 thermostats can be managed by a DA0311.

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Technical features
  • Alimentazione 6 .. 14 VDC (vedi testo)
  • Assorbimento 80 mA max
  • Frequenza di trasmissione 868,150 MHz
  • Indicatore LED bicolore Modulo attivo/stato
  • Grado di protezione IP3X
  • Dimensioni A85 L85 P31 mm
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