External cooler for portable emissions analyzers

This external cooler for portable emissions analyzers is particularly useful when water-soluble components are to be analyzed (e.g. SO2, NO2, NH3, H2S, etc.).

The Peltier cell condensation group (Cooler) has the function of cooling the gas sample very quickly to a temperature of 5 º C. The gas condenses the water vapor contained in it and can reach the sensors without significant changes in its composition.


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Technical features
  • Power supply 110-240 Vac or 12-16Vdc 5A
  • Power absorption < 50 W
  • Set point temperature +5°C
  • Hysteresis temperature ±2°C
  • autom. condensate drain peristaltic pump 38ml/min
  • Duration of pump cycle 30s on - 600s off
  • Cooling down time ~ 15 .. 20 minutes
  • Working temperature -5°C to +45°C
  • Working flow up to 2,5 l/min
  • Volume exchange per hour 120ml/h
  • Maximum temp. deviation from set point +5°C from set point
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