8 zones relay module with pump output

The DLP841M is a 8 zone relay module for activation of electro-thermal actuators or other types in wireless heating or cooling systems for homes or offices. It features 8 independent channels which in turn can be linked up to a wireless thermostat or chronostat. The module also features an auxiliary relay to control a circulator pump or a boiler.

Every single thermostat periodically transmits a radio command containing room temperature and setpoint. Commands are then received by the DAPF84 active antenna, which sends through a data cable the information to the DLP841M module, which will perform the regulation and will turn on or off the actuator relay output linked to the thermostat.

The module features a Heating/Cooling input and a Global Standby input. Actuators are 230V~ supplied or can be supplied from an auxiliary voltage (i.e. 24V~), both NC normally closed and NO normally open actuators can be driven.

Up to 10 DLP841M modules can be connected in chain to form a multichannel system with just one antenna.

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Technical features
  • Power supply 230V~ -15%+10% 50Hz
  • Power absorption 4W
  • Relay rating 8x3A @ 250V~ cosfi=1
  • Maximun total load current 8A
  • Circulator relay rating 3A @ 250V~ cosfi=1 SPST
  • Protection grade IP30
  • Dimensions H100 W245 D60mm
  • Class Reg.2013/811/EC IV = 2,0%
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