Let's imagine the future together

Team spirit has always powered the engine of Seitron S.p.A.’s growth. We believe in the values of cooperation and transparency, to be applied day by day so that our employees can develop their potential in a dynamic work environment in which innovation and well-being coexist.

What we are looking for

We are seeking people with very specific goals, able to motivate themselves and continuously stimulate others along a path of shared growth based on respect and integration. We want to turn your talent into professionalism, enhancing the decisive elements in the development of a strong sense of corporate belonging.

What we are offering

A stimulating and positive work atmosphere - we encourage you to share your ideas! 

A horizontal corporate organisation to facilitate decision-making.

Flexible schedules and smart working to balance work and family life.

Extreme attention paid to workplace safety and the health of our employees.

Do you like playing sports? Use the company gym, come with us on snow trips, take part in marathons and team-building events!

Training courses, seminars, workshops. With Seitron, you never cease learning.

Could Seitron be the right place for you?