"Passion and technology
for a future
without emissions"


Our daily commitment is based on shared values, coming as the result of the collaborative corporate culture that has forged our history. Thanks to technology, the passion that unites us takes shape through the creation of functional, high-quality products that are simple to use and oriented towards sustainability. The training and dedication paid to our human capital allows us to look towards the future with a very clear objective: to positively contribute to the development and improvement of society, guiding our clientele towards efficient and responsible energy without frontiers.

SEITRON BE GREEN: a concrete commitment

We firmly believe in the Be Green philosophy as a way of thinking and living that has become a real added value in our enterprise. Environmental compliance begins within the Seitron production plant, where the processes are subject to continuous monitoring and improvement in terms of efficiency, energy savings and waste reduction. The path to sustainability is travelled in every corporate division. This includes recycling and reducing usage of paper in the office, eliminating single-use plastic during lunch and coffee breaks; using ecological packaging for new products, and the realisation of the family of combustion analysers without an integrated printer.


Right from the conception and design phase, we are constantly engaged in the search for solutions that can anticipate and satisfy the needs of our customers, whilst also defining new applicative standards. Technology and innovation give rise to a complete and qualified professional offer, guaranteed by the IMQ Quality Mark. Our operating method follows strict protocols and checks without sacrificing creativity, ensuring the perfect combination of digital renewal and design.


Experience teaches us the importance of valuing the corporate heritage in all its multiple facets, in order to preserve and pass on the ethical principles of our entrepreneurial way of thinking. Our customers are not just consumers but active protagonists in the community surrounding the company, defining the climate of mutual trust built over the years. Transparency and respect for people have always pushed us towards new scenarios and opportunities.


All of our products are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Mussolente (VI), following an attentive and scrupulous selection of materials. With an international perspective, we are proud of our origins and carry on the commitment and professionalism that distinguish Italian excellences around the world. Made in Italy combines with tradition and modernity, quality and cutting-edge technology.


For us at Seitron, every customer is unique and an invaluable source of inspiration. With comprehension and dedication, we give the right value to their requests and support them in the realisation of innovative projects, aware of being involved in unique opportunities for growth. Mindsets, practices and operational strategies arise from a continuous exchange of ideas, views and experiences shared with our clients, with whom we seek to establish a lasting relationship of trust. Today more than ever, constructing means condivision - a sustainable future without emissions, in which energy and convenience are accessible to all, being a common commitment that we must face together.