App and Software

Seitron Smart Analysis

Download: version 6.16
Compatibility: compatible with Windows 7 and later
Compatible analyzers: Novo (with FW 3.0 or higher upgrade) - Chemist 500 - 500 Be Green - 600 - 600 Be Green - 900 - 900 Rack

Seitron Smart Analysis allows you to control your Seitron combustion analyzer connected USB or via Bluetooth®

  • perform Automatic or Manual analysis remotely
  • view the analysis data in real time
  • view the graphs of the analysis in real time
  • loads a previously saved analysis
  • remotely save your analysis on the instrument
  • create a report (pdf, csv, xml) and share it quickly

Seitron Smart Analysis App

Download: Android app - iPhone app - iPad app
Compatibility: Seitron Smart Analysis is compatible with Novo (with FW 3.0 or higher upgrade), Chemist 100 Be Green (in this case only the QR-Code reading is available. Bluetooth communication is not allowed), Chemist 500/600/900 analyzers and Chemist BE GREEN 500/600 family equipped with Bluetooth® LowEnergy interface and with FW 1.35 or higher upgrade.(*)

Seitron Smart Analysis allows you to interact with your Seitron combustion analyzer through the Bluetooth® LE communication protocol. (*).
Pair your analyzer with your smartphone / tablet via Bluetooth® and:

  • perform Automatic or Manual analysis remotely
  • view the analysis data in real time
  • loads a previously saved analysis
  • remotely save your analysis on the instrument
  • create a report (pdf, csv, xml) and share it via Whatsapp, email

Note: After updating the FW 1.35 or later, check on the analyzer (INFO SERVICE menu) the Bluetooth® value of the instrument. If the value is equal or greater than "3", your analyzer supports the use of Seitron Smart Analysis. If the detected value is 1 or 2 your analyzer does not have Bluetooth® LowEnergy. Contact Seitron here to request the replacement of the form.

Seitron Smart

Download: Android app - iOS app
Compatibility: Seitron Smart is compatible with Wi-Time, Wi-Time Wall, hygge and SwitchOn

With Seitron Smart app you can remotely control with your smartphone all Seitron IoT devices.

If you have a Wi-Time or Hygge programmable thermostat, you can set comfort periods on hourly and weekly basis.
If you have a SwitchOn switch you can schedule on/off state or just use your smartphone as a remote controller.

The app can manage more than one device at the same time.

Seitron Be Cool

Download: Android app - iOS app
Compatibility: Seitron Be Cool is compatible with BE COOL B100, BE COOL M4, BE COOL V1 SMART.

The Seitron Be Cool application will allow you to constantly monitor all the measures dedicated to the maintenance of air conditioning systems.
Through this app, in fact, it will be possible to carry out vacuum measurements, weighing the refrigerant gas cylinder as part of the replacement or filling of the system and checking the temperature and pressure of the entire system in real time.
You will be able to carry out the normal maintenance operations of the cooling or heating systems through the heat pump in an easy and intuitive way; thanks to the connection with different tools, the app allows constant monitoring of the situation on all fronts.

PC Software Chemist (per Chemist 200-300)

Download: last version

This management software gives access to most of the operating parameters for the flue gas analyzer:

  • Set the measurement units for the acquired values (CO, NO, NOx, Temperature and Pressure)
  • Modify the operators names and the ticket header
  • Modify / add / delete names and reference parameters for each fuel type
  • Choose the parameter type for the alarm and the relevant alarm threshold value
  • Modify all further instrument options (autozero, analysis type, printing mode etc.)

Installing the software “Chemist”:

  1. Download SoftwarePC program
  2. Copy application packages in a proper directory and unzip the files if needed
  3. Launch the Program with file seitron.exe

PC Software Casper - Chemist 400

Download: last version

This is the software used to allow the instrument to be linked to a PC for the following operations:

  • Configuration of the instrument general parameters through the PC
  • Setting of the fuels parameters
  • Setting of the ticket data
  • Download of the analysis from the instrument into the PC
  • Saving of the analysis on a file in several formats

SmartComb Mobile

Download: Android app
Compatibility: SmartComb Mobile is compatible with Casper 200-300 and Chemist 400 analyzers equipped with the Bluetooth® interface and which have been producted since 17/10/2013.

SmartComb Mobile allows you to interact with your Seitron SPA combustion analyzer through the Bluetooth® communication protocol (SPP profile).
Pair your analyzer with the smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth® and:

  • display remote data
  • remotely save an analysis on the instrument
  • create a report (pdf or csv format) and send it by email to your control center for immediate consultation.


Download: Version V1.1 for Windows
Compatibility: compatible with Chemist 100 Be Green with 1.05 FW version and higter

Easy2Print V1.1 for Windows, allows to set the receipt header

It is a simple executable and does not require installation on a PC

Chemist QRCode

Download: Android app - iOS app

Chemist QR Code read, memorize and share the informations in the QR code generated on your chemist 100 be gree display.
It's possible to share the analysis memorized in the APP trought email in the following format: CVS, PDF and text.

ITR Manager App

Download: Android app
Instructions: Start configuration instructions

ITR Manager App communicates, through SMS, with telephonic activators for GSM network made by Seitron.

The entire system allows to switch on and off at any distance one or two electric usages making possible to control:

  • boilers
  • programmable thermostats
  • air conditioning systems