Chemist 900 Emissions Analyzer

The Chemist 900 analyzer offers the maximum flexibility as it incorporates both NDIR and electro-chemical technologies, which allow for the measurement of up to 12 different gases, all in a convenient portable format. The analyzer has the shape of carry-on case, which make the transport easy. The case is accessorized with all the instruments you need to perform analysis.

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Chemist 900 offers the possibility to measure simultaneously up to 12 different gases, with up to 9 single gas measuring sensors and one infrared bench (NDIR) for CO/CO2/CH4.
It features a sucking pump for gas sample and second dilution pump for CO cell protection. Chemist 900 can measure flue gas, combustion and outdoor air temperature, and positive, negative and differential pressure.
It’s possible to use Chemist 900 along with gas sampling probes of different type and length, and also with heated head and hose probe.
Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, collected data can be analyzed with OC, tablet or smartphone through the Chemist Smart Analysis app.

Chemist 900 comes with 12 months warranty on instruments, gas sensors and printer.



Chemist 900 has various application fields. It is mainly used for industrial burners, cogeneration groups, gas turbines, industrial ovens and processes, laboratories and generally everywhere the need is to measure and register for long periods the gas emissions, in compliance with existing regulations.

A support team at your disposal

Chemist 900 is designed to suit customer’s needs, and it offers a lot of possible configurations. For this reason, our tech experts are at your disposal to help you configuring the instrument, and to support you in case of any problems.

Technical features
  • Sensors 9 single gas measuring sensors and one infrared bench (NDIR) for CO/CO2/CH4
  • Simultaneous measurements up to 12
  • Measurable gases O2, CO, CO2, CH4, CxHy, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, NH3
  • Fuels 11 pre-programmed + 16 user defined
  • Pumps Sucking pump / Dilution pump
  • Temperature measurement flue gas, combustion and outdoor air
  • Pression measurement Positive, negative and differentail 
  • Water trap Standard expansion water trap or Peltier quick Cooler
  • Condensate drainage Automatic condensate drainage with peristaltic pump
  • Memory up to 16.000 complete analysis
  • Connectivity Bluetooth® Class 1
  • Power supply from Lithium Ions Batteries or mains 90…260 Vac
  • Case Bulky metal frame
  • Compliant with EN 50379-1, EN 50379-2, UNI 10389-1
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