Chemist 900 Rack: innovation for the environment

Chemical industries, biogas factories, waste-to-energy plants, pellet boilers, industrial cement furnaces are some examples of activities that can generate lot of emissions, that need to be constantly monitored in order to respect the emissions limit established by law.

With its products Seitron aims to offer precise and reliable devices, that allow the extreme accuracy of measures. We are aware that emissions analyzers are crucial in the fight against pollutions and we put a lot of effort into our projects to ensure a high quality for all our products.

The new Chemist 900 Rack is no exception, it allows to measure emissions generated by industrial combustion or transformation processes and it analyzes different gases thanks to the NDIR and electrochemical technology.

Entirely made in Italy from design to manufacturing

The distinctive feature of the Chemist 900 Rack is its rack structure that allows to use it into standard 19’’ cabinet or even in laboratories because it comes standard equipped with 4 rubber bumpers.

The Chemist 900 Rack is designed to perform long-lasting analyses periods thanks to an automatic commutation system that allows to reset both the gas sensors and the pressure sensor used for draft measures or differential pressure measures. This, together with a Pitot tube, allows measure the smoke speed inside the evacuation duct.

A relevant feature of the Chemist 900 Rack is a cooling system that causes a quick condensation of the moisture contained in the gas thus allowing the gas to reach the sensors without dissolving in water. The gases that benefit from this system are NO2, SO2, NH3, H2S.

Condensation water is collected into a water tank and emptied on a timed basis by a membrane pump. The gas sample and the air used for sensors cleaning are filtered by two interchangeable dust filters.

The Chemist 900 rack is equipped with a system that allows taking in gases from two different points (e.g. two stacks) and carry them into a single smoke suction line (image 1).

All parameters and collected data are sent via serial communication port type RS485 and USB communication port in order to connect to the PC for the analysis reading. The user can archive and analyze the collected data with the dedicated software provided with the instrument, Chemist Smart Analysis. Files are saved with .csv extension.

Who can benefit from the Chemist 900 Rack?

Chemist 900 rack can be employed in different situations. Here some examples: chemical industries, biogas factories, waste-to-energy plants, industrial cement furnaces, pellet boilers, industrial motors, industrial burners, research laboratories.