Deadband thermostat

Adjustable Deadband thermostat with two ouputs for heating/cooling, automatic change-over based on air. Special pin stop system for limiting the set-point range. Internal sensor and facility for remote sensor. 230V or 24V power supply.

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Installation Wall
Thermostat type Electronic
Operation mode Dead band
termostato zona neutra uffici

What is the Deadband?

In some months there is a high temperature variation and it may be necessary on the same day to turn on the heating in certain hours and the cooling system in others. The same situation can occur in buildings with rooms with different exposures (e.g. north/south).

The deadband function of the thermostat responds to this need. A deadband is a temperature range in which neither heating nor cooling system turns on. The deadband prevents the thermostat from activating heat and cooling in rapid succession. This conserves energy by providing a range of temperatures requiring no energy consumption.

Technical features
  • Power supply 24V~ -15/+10% 50Hz or 230V~ -15/+10% 50Hz
  • Working range 6 .. 30°C 
  • Neutral zone 1 .. 11°C (adjustable)
  • Internal sensor NTC (4k7 0hm @ 25°C)         
  • Differential <0.5°C
  • Output (relay) 2x5(1)A @ 250V~ SPDT
  • Red LED indicator Heating
  • Green LED indicator Cooling
  • Dimensions H85 W85 D31 mm
  • Protection grade IP30
  • Class Reg.2013/811/EC I = 1,0%
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