Gas concentration transmitter in gray plastic case

The gas concentration transmitters of SY-B Series are made by the following components:

  • Gas sensor.
  • Electronic circuit for conversion.
  • Terminals for power supply and electrical connection of output signals.
  • Plastic case and its sensor-holder with protection filter.

The device can carry sensors for different gases, both combustible and toxic. The mounted terminals provide by standard both an analog current output (4..20mA) and a digital Modbus® output. 


Self-diagnostics. Recalibrable transmitter. Interchangeable sensor.

All models work with the following control units: RY M02M0, RY M02M1, RY M02M2, RY K01M, RX A01M.

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Technical features
  • Filter Sinterised PE
  • Case ABS V0 - ABS HB
  • Outputs 4..20mA + Modbus
  • Dimensions 104x134x67 mm
  • IP rating IP54
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