Hygge battery-powered Wi-Fi thermostat

Everything there is to know

If you are reading this, we can assume that our new battery-powered Wi-Fi thermostat is of interest to you, so thank you! We can also assume that – as is perfectly normal with a new product – you’d like to find out more about its operation. Hence why we have developed a page to look into the most common queries.

First, what exactly is hygge?

It is a programmable battery-powered Wi-Fi thermostat that can be positioned wherever you like. Wi-Fi allows the hygge to be controlled via smartphone, availing of a Wi-Fi gateway, whilst communication with the boiler is achieved wirelessly via radio, rendering this device entirely portable.

So where should the radio receiver be placed?

Let’s get the thorniest questions out of the way immediately. A wireless radio receiver might sound intimidating but it is actually quite simple. It can be positioned wherever there are boiler connection cables and a 230V power supply. Since hygge is portable, the wireless receiver can be understood as a replacement for a regular thermostat in its role as a boiler “switch”.

So, can a receiver be installed instead of the thermostat?

Yes, if there are also 230V power cables. The receiver has a footprint equal to that of a 503 recessed box but the holes do not align, hence it will be necessary to do some work to prepare the wall. If your thermostat is wall-mounted without a 503 box, replacement is much faster – just drill new holes!

Can the installation be carried out independently or must it be done by a specialised technician?

The manual and quick guide show the connections to be completed. Installation can thus be carried out independently and depends only on your confidence!

Hygge battery-powered Wi-Fi thermostat
Hygge battery-powered Wi-Fi thermostat

Where should the Wi-Fi gateway be positioned?

Wherever you want! The important thing is that there is a power outlet.

Is the gateway to be connected to the router via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi?

Communication with the router is via Wi-Fi, being another reason why the gateway can be located wherever you prefer. The important thing is that there is a Wi-Fi signal.

If the Wi-Fi signal shuts off, does hygge keep working?

Yes, the thermostat would continue according to the time schedule defined before the internet connection was interrupted. If the programming is changed via the app in the meantime, it would be transmitted to hygge as soon as the signal reactivates.

Is the base only for aesthetic purposes or does it also act as a charger?

Hygge can stand on its own but the base increases its stability. The base does not act as a charger or else it would need to be powered, which would affect the portability and style.

How are the various devices coupled?

The coupling is guided and automated.

I would like more than one hygge to manage different areas of the house. How would that work?

First of all, it is of course necessary to have the house be divided into zones. Once that is done, it is possible to assign each hygge to its specific area. The wireless receiver connected to the boiler manages the zones according to the signals transmitted by the various thermostats. Programming defined via the app for each thermostat is transmitted to the devices through the Wi-Fi gateway.

What do you reckon? Have we addressed your concerns? If you like hygge and want to buy one or if you would like further technical and installation data, you can head directly to the product sheet, where you will find all details!

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!