Hygge radio wireless receiver

Radio receiver for heating / cooling systems equipped with an integrated antenna, an output with SPDT relay and an RS485 Modbus® RTU slave communication port.

Two-color LED to indicate the status of the output relay and the quality of the radio link with the relative transmitter. Self-learning of the transmission code.

Equipped with bidirectional wireless technology, it allows you to receive commands from hygge thermostats to directly drive, via the relay, actuators, circulators, valves, shutters, fans, boilers or, via Modbus® communication, boilers, heat pumps or other heating systems / coolers also of modulating type (Class V Reg. 811/2013 / UE).

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Technical features
  • Power Supply 85..264 Vac 47..63 Hz
  • Output 6(3)A 250 Vac SPDT + Modbus®
  • 2 colors LED Active Relè/Transmission quality
  • IP rating IP3X
  • Dimensions A125 L78 P30,5 mm
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