Portable gas detector with rechargeable battery

Microprocessor based portable gas detector. Wide LCD display with 4 digits, with measurement unit and battery charge indication, acoustic alarm. For hydrocarbon gases (natural gas, LPG,...). Hold and auto-zero functions.

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Gas leaks?

If you think that there is a gas leak in your house, it's really important to check as soon as possibile in order to avoid any possibile danger.

Our advice is to avoid "do it yourself" method and to use professional devices that can quickly detect gas leaks.

Detection doesn't mean measurement

Our portable gas detector is designed to detect gas leaks, not to measure gas concetration. 

For this reason the device comes without a calibration certificate. Digits figures in ppm on LCD are for indication only.

Technical features
  • Power supply Battery pack Li-ion 3.7V, 2000 mAh
  • Battery charger 5V
  • Battery life 20 hrs.
  • Auto power down 30 min.
  • Display LCD 4 digits
  • Detectable gas Natural gas, LPG, CxHy
  • Dimensions 151H x 72W x 37D mm
  • IP rating IP20


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