Proportional thermostat max 80°

Proportional thermostat max 80°C for the control of the supply water temperature in heating systems. User adjustable servomotor speed and proportional band.

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Technical features
  • Power supply 230V~ -15/+10% 50Hz
  • Working range 10 .. 80°C On/Off / 20 .. 70°C Prop.
  • Sensor NTC (4K70hm @ 25°C)
  • Output (relay) 2x6(2)A @ 250V ~SPST
  • Thermostat operation mode On/off-proportional
  • Green LED indicator On/stand-by/safe mode
  • Yellow LED indicator Opening relay active
  • Red LED indicator Closing relay active
  • Dimensions H134 W79 D58mm
  • Protection grade IP54
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