Smart Vacuum Gauge

The be cool V1 digital vacuum gauge with rechargeable batteries allows you, to measure the vacuum of refrigeration systems and heat pumps in a precise and easy way.

Seitron be cool mobile app allows you to monitor and transmit data in real time. 

  • Simple data visualization on wide display 
  • Real-time data monitoring and transfer via mobile App 
  • Offline data recording 

The kit includes: Vacuum Gauge, T-Joint (WRAC0007901), Li-ion Battery, Quick Guide.

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Scopri tutte le principali caratteristiche del nostro vacuometro digitale be cool V1 in questo video di presentazione!

Technical features
  • Working Range 0...19.000 micron
  • Accuracy ±10% rdg ±10 μ (1...10.000 μ) ±20% rdg (10.000...19.000 μ)
  • Settable measurement units μ, mTorr, in/hg, Pa, Torr, KPa, mbar, psia
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