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Centralized control unit for thermal solar panels. Equipped with 3 relay outputs (2 for loads + 1 for alarm), PWM output, 0..10V output and 3 inputs (sensors), can configure and manage up to 6 different types of solar systems.

When a specific installation is selected, the control unit automatically manages the outputs and inputs used to control the valves, the pumps, the integrative sources and the probes used in the type of installation selected.

Starting from 2024, Elios MIDI is also equipped with a new recooling function for cooling the boiler.

Moreover on the backlit LCD display it is possible to visualize the hydraulic diagram of the installation set up, the state of the outputs, the probes as well as several other data and informations.

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Technical features
  • Power supply 230V~ 50Hz
  • Power absorption <2 VA
  • Sensors type 3 x NTC 10K @ 25 °C ±1 %
  • Sensor operating range -50 °C .. +200 °C (collector) / -50 °C .. +110 °C (boiler)
  • Temperature reading range -20 °C .. 180 °C
  • Accuracy ±2 °C
  • Resolution 0,1°C (-20°C .. 144,9°C)    -   1°C (145°C .. 180°C)
  • Offset adjustment on S1: ±5.0°C  -  on S2: ±5.0°C  -  on S3: ±5.0°C
  • Installer Password 0000 .. 9999 (default 0000)
  • Acoustic Signal On/Off (default On)
  • Backlight timing 20 sec from last keypress
  • OUT2 Relay Logic NOR=N.O. REV=N.C. (default N.O.)
  • Contact rating OUT 1 relay 2 x 2(1)A max 250V~ (SPST) Voltage free
  • Contact rating OUT 2 relay 8(1)A max 250V~(SPST) Voltage free
  • Alarm relay contacts rating 4(1)A max 250V~ (SPDT) Voltage free
  • Output PWM Amplitude: 10V +-15% Frequency: 1KHz Current: 15mA max.
  • Output 0..10V Amplitude: 0V..10V ±10%@10V Minimum load: 10KOhm.
  • Operating temp. range 0°C .. 40°C
  • Storage temp. range -10°C .. +50°C
  • Humidity limits 20% .. 80% RH non-condensing
  • Case ABS V0 self-extinguishing
  • Dimensions 156W x 108H x 47D mm
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