Transceiver antenna for home automation systems

Connected to a pc or to a home automation hub, through RS485 bus, it allows to extend the inputs range coming from the radio thermostats, to the home automation hub through MODBUS. RTU protocol.

Unlike the DA0411, the DA0421 can also transmit actuation inputs to one or more DRR42M receivers which output relays can directly control the actuators, solenoid valves, automatic shutters, fans, etc.

A maximum of 32 DRR42M receivers can be controlled by a DA0421.

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Technical features
  • Power supply 6 .. 14 VDC (dfrom data cable or terminals)
  • Absorption 80 mA max
  • Frequency 868,150 MHz
  • 2 colors LED indicator Active relay / Transmission quality
  • Protection rating IP30
  • Dimensions A85 L85 P31 mm
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