What is thermostat offset?

If you have ever had to adjust a thermostat, it is likely that you have come across the offset and wondered what it is. If so, then read on as we will explain what it is with a practical example!

When to adjust the offset, a case example

Have you ever been entirely convinced that the temperature read on a thermostat was wrong because the room certainly felt hotter or colder than that declared? Those most sure that there is an error might even go as far as to use another instrument to measure the room’s temperature and find out that they were right. Is the thermostat kaput?

Actually, the problem most often lies not in the thermostat but in the position in which it was installed. Indeed, it may happen that the installation has been positioned in what are sometimes referred to as “unhappy” spots due to being on particularly cold walls (thermal bridges) or perhaps areas exposed to drafts (close to doors or windows) or heat sources.

thermostat offset unhappy spot

In all such cases, it is normal for the temperature detected by the thermostat to be considerably off – either too high or too low – compared to the actual environment.

It is at this juncture that the ability to adjust the offset comes in handy.

This parameter allows the temperature detected by the internal sensor or remote probe of the thermostat to be counterbalanced (offset) in order to correct any systematic reading errors due to the positioning of the thermostat in an area that is likely to affect proper operation.