Wireless programmable thermostat and receiver

Kit including one digital wireless programmable thermostat (cod. DCPF85BC) and receiver with one single zone and 1 output (cod. DRPF84M01).

KCR003 - SPECIAL FEATURES for pellets boilers and floor heating systems​ 

  • Room temperature offset compensation, ± 9,9°C , useful to correct possible wrong controllers positioning
  • Adjustable set point hysteresis, from 0.1°C to 5°C, useful to avoid too many recurring starts of the boiler, very damaging for pellets boilers
  • Minimum restart time after last switching off, adjustable by 10 min steps, up to 90 min. Essential for pellets boilers
  • Control function of floor temperature through additional sensor, with high and low limits. Useful in Under Floor Heating systems
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