Wiring box with pump and boiler control

Electronic control for heating floor systems. The control offers the possibility to connect up to 8 (or 12) thermostats and 8 (or 12) actuators with selectable power supply between 230V~ or 24V~. 1 pump output is available + boiler interlock, an input for an external clock for the activation of the section of the actuators and thermostats.

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Technical features
  • Power supply 230V ±10% 50Hz or 24V ±10% 50Hz
  • Power absorption Depends on the loads connected
  • Pump output (powered) 5A @ 250V~ SPDT
  • Boiler output 1A @ 250V~ SPDT
  • Actuators and thermostats 8 (for ALP03U)x1A @ 250V~ 12x0,5A @ 250V~ (for ALP01U)
  • Green LED indicator Power supply
  • Red LED indicator Pump active
  • IP protection IP30
  • Dimensions A100 L130 P60mm (ALP06U) A125 L320 P67mm (ALP03U)
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