Daily-Weekly programmable thermostat Freetime Evo Radio

Do you want to change the thermostat, without having to carry out building work? Freetime Evo Radio is the right choice for you. This wireless programmable thermostat communicates via radio with the appropriate receiver positioned in the boiler room, allowing you to install the thermostat without the constraint of wiring.

Main features:

  • Weekly or Daily schedule, based on user choice 
  • Battery Powered
  • Easy to use
  • Heating and Cooling operation mode
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Schedule Daily/Weekly
Power supply Battery
Communication Wireless
Installation Wall
Thermostat type Digital
Operation mode Heating and cooling
Technical features
  • Power supply 2 x 1,5V
  • Frequency 868,150 MHz
  • Max. distance from the receiver >300 m in open field or >50 m inside buildings
  • Battery life >3 years
  • Internal sensor NTC 10K Ohm ±1% @ 25°C
  • Range -9,9°C .. +50,0°C
  • Protection grade IP 30 
  • Offset Range -10.0°C .. +10.0°C
  • Antifrost Range 0.5°C .. 25.0°C
  • Dimensions A86 L134 P36mm
  • Classe Reg. 2013/811/CE IV=2,0%
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