Daily-Weekly programmable thermostat Freetime Evo wireless kit

The new Freetime Evo wireless kit is designed to facilitate the installation of the programmable thermostat even in those rooms where there isn’t a wire connection between the boiler and the thermostat.


The kit includes:

  • Weekly-Freetime Evo Radio weekly-daily chronothermostat.
  • Radio receiver for boiler (DRR01M).
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Schedule Daily/Weekly
Power supply Battery
Communication Wireless
Installation Wall
Thermostat type Digital
Operation mode Heating and cooling

Safe wireless transmission

Featuring a modern and functional design, Seitron wireless thermostats transmit a very low power radio signal – less than 1 mW – for a few milliseconds, thus reducing at lowest levels any electromagnetic pollution.

How does it works?

Thanks to the wireless receiver, Freetime Evo can control the boiler from any room without the need for wiring.

This allows great freedom in the installation phase, being able to choose the place where to position the thermostat without the need to add additional regulation points.

Technical features
  • Power supply 2X1,5V AA Batteries
  • Battery life >3 years
  • Contact rating 5(1)A 250V ~ SPDT
  • Internal sensor NTC (10K Ohm @25°C)
  • Transmission frequency 868,150 MHz
  • Max distance from receiver 50 m
  • Mode On/Off Heating/Cooling
  • Adjustment range 5.0°C .. 40.0°C
  • Anfrost range 0.5°C .. 25.0°C
  • Offset range -10.0°C .. +10.0°C
  • Protection grade IP30
  • Dimensions A86 L134 P36 mm
  • Class Reg. 2013/811/CE IV=2,0%
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