Daily-Weekly programmable thermostat Freetime Evo

Weekly or Daily? Which programmable thermostat should I buy? Starting from today you don't have to ask anymore, because Freetime Evo allows you to choose the setting you feel more confortable with. Main features:

  • Weekly or Daily schedule, based on user choice 
  • Battery Powered
  • Easy to use
  • Heating and Cooling operation mode
  • Made in Italy
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Schedule Daily/Weekly
Power supply Battery
Communication Wired
Installation Wall
Thermostat type Digital
Operation mode Heating and cooling

Freetime Evo is the right choice if you are looking for semplicity and elegance

Help the environment and save on costs

The programmable thermostat allows to turn on the boiler only when you really need it. This leads to lower emissions with benefits to the environment and at the same time helps you saving on heating costs.

Seitron Customer Care

Getting Freetime Evo doesn’t only mean getting a cool programmable thermostat, but also benefiting from a great customer care, that counts on more than 30 years of experience. Our tech experts are ready to help you with any pre or post sales questions. If you need our help, we don’t let you down!

Technical features
  • Power supply 2 x 1,5V
  • Contact rating 5(1)A 250V~ SPDT 
  • Battery life >3 years
  • Internal sensor NTC 10K Ohm ±1% @ 25°C
  • Range -9,9°C .. +50,0°C
  • Protection grade IP 30 
  • Offset Range -10.0°C .. +10.0°C
  • Antifrost Range 0.5°C .. 25.0°C
  • Dimensions A86 L134 P36mm
  • Classe Reg. 2013/811/CE IV=2,0%
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