Digital thermostat Taddy

The device can be used both in heating and cooling systems, and it is featured with a wide backlit display for the visualization of all the functional indications and the detected room temperature.

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Installation Wall
Thermostat type Digital
Operation mode Heating and cooling


Simplicity where you need it

Taddy thermostat allows basic temperature control plus the possibility to set a comfort and reduction temperature. This makes it the perfect solutions for those rooms where we don’t really need an advanced control of the thermoregulation, but we anyway would like some extra settings compared to basic thermostats.

Professional customer support

You don’t know if Taddy is the right thermostat for you? No problem! Our team is here to help you understand what suits you best. And after the purchase? We won’t let you down. In case of doubts during the installation and set-up, or any other questions, you can contact us.

Technical features
  • Power supply 230V~ 50Hz or 24V~ 50Hz or 2 x 1,5V, alkaline batteries (type AAA)
  • Setting range Comfort 5°C .. 40°C
  • Setting range Economy 5°C .. 40°C
  • Internal sensor NTC 10KOhm ±1% @ 25°C
  • Range -9,9°C .. +50,0°C
  • Precision ±1,0°C
  • Resolution 0.1°C ( 0.0°C .. 50.0°C) 0.2°C (-9.9°C .. -0.1°C)
  • Remote probe optional
  • Differential 0.0°C .. 5.0°C (Default 0.2°C)
  • Antifrost OFF / 0.0°C .. 25.0°C (Default 3.0°C)
  • Offset internal sensor ± 9.9°C (Default 0.0°C)
  • Offset remote probe ± 9.9°C (Default 0.0°C)
  • Sampling time 1 sec.
  • Contact rating 5(1)A 250V~ SPDT, voltage free.
  • Protection rating IP 30
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