Industrial gas detection control unit 2-8 zones

Industrial gas detection control unit in 9-module DIN container, capable of monitoring the concentration of gas up to a maximum of 8 zones.

A 4 .. 20 mA transmitter can be connected indiscriminately for each zone for the detection of LPG, CNG, Carbon Monoxide (CO) or petrol vapors.

ATEX certification according to performance requirements EN60079-29-1 (2016).

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Technical features
  • Power supply 12..24 V or 100..240 V , 50..60 Hz
  • Versions 2/4/8 outputs
  • Display LCD 2 x 16 
  • Mounting DIN bar 9 modules
  • Contacts rating 5 x 8A 250V~ cosφ =1
  • Events Open, Fault, Pre alarm, Alarm1, Alarm2
  • Dimensions 158W x 90H x 71D mm
  • Compliant with performance std EN 60079-29-1: 2016
  • Atex certificate IMQ 20 ATEX 004 X
  • IP rating IP20
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