Wireless gas detection system for appartment buildings

The DRG02M Receiver can collect the alarm signal from up to a maximum of 100 SEGUGIO Wireless detectors, each one installed in a different apartment. Once a gas leak is detected by an installed Segugio, the receiver will shut off a SOLENOID VALVE which cuts off the gas flow. Since the dimension of the system plant depends both on the materials used in the building (amount of iron and concrete), and the distance (max 50m) which separates the detector and receiver, we advise as a safety standard to install one receiver every two floors. In any case it is available on the display an icon showing the strength of the signal; this feature is very useful for a correct placement of both the detector and the receiver and to decide how many detectors can be associated to one receiver.The receiver, thanks to the combination of the 2 buttons on the front and to the 3 digits OLED display, allows to set and/or visualize the following functions:


  • Strength of the received radio signal
  • Analysis of the received commands
  • Warning in case of bad reception
  • Possibility to display the alarms or faults in a specific apartment


  • Possibility to associate a 3 digit address to each detector/transmitter to identify both the floor of the building and the number of the apartment
  • Possibility to erase a saved address/detector


  • Display of the channels (apartments) in which an alarm or a fault has occurred; this latter data is stored in memory even in case of a power failure
  • Possibility to verify the most common causes of receiver malfunction