The flexibility and versatility of a portable emissions analyzer 

Continuous emissions analyzers (CEMS) are typically fixed units that take measurements from a single sampling point, usually coinciding with the central stack. Conveyed in the latter are the separate emissions that occur in other parts of the installation, such as boilers, engines and furnaces.

The problem with a CEMs analyzer

CEMS analyzer (Continuous Emission Monitoring System) carries out the measurements at a set point. If the analyzer detects a concentration of gas above the permitted limits, it would be difficult to pinpoint exactly the location/source of the outlying emission. 

For this reason we need a device  which allows to identify the cause and location of a decline in the system performance in a reliable and quick manner.

Advantages of a portable analyzer

Thanks to the portable analyzer, measurements can be taken from all secondary ducts that are conveyed to the main stack and from any other emissions source.

In this sense, a portable analyzer is more versatile and flexible than a continuous one, due to being able to identify quickly and with greater precision the sources of high emission values and any inefficiencies in terms of the equipment’s performance.

Application examples

A portable analyzer in industrial installations can be used in the most varied of applications. Indeed, wherever there are processes that involve combustion, the analyzer is an important tool in reducing waste and maximizing energy efficiency.

Some examples of industries that can benefit from this instrument are: energy production plants, refineries, chemical industries, cement plants, sugar refineries, incinerators, mining areas, prisons, institutions, colleges, universities, and many more..

using a portable emissions analyzer in a cement plant
using a portable emissions analyzer in a sugar mill

Our portable analyzers series

Chemist 600 it’s a compact, hand-held instrument, which can measure up to 6 different gases, which can be customized based on the type of application.

Novo is our newest analyzer. It features a 7’’ touch screen, dedicated probe with one simple connection, integrated water trap, simultaneous measurement of gas pressure and combustion results, dual range sensor technology. Novo can measure up to 4 gases.

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