Residential gas leak detector with plug Beagle Plus

This is a plug&play version of the gas detector Beagle Plus. You just need to plug the device into the power supply and you are done.

Based on the gas you need to detect, you can choose among methan, LPG or CO version of the Beagle PLus.

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Power supply 230V
Installation Plug & Play
gas metano

Invisible enemies

A gas leak detector protects you from invisible enemies, which presence we can only detect when it is too late, or even never, such as in case of a carbon monoxide leak.

Every year around the world there are numerous accidents and fatalities due to gas leaks. Beagle Plus improves your house safety, and alert you in case of danger.

Quality and reliability

All Seitron gas leak detectors are made in Italy and undergo strict quality tests to ensure the highest quality level. Beagle and Segugio detectors are both IMQ certificated, and are compliant to international standards.

qualità made in italy
Technical features
  • Power supply 230V~ -15/+10% 50Hz
  • Sensor type SnO2 Semiconductor Precalibrated sensor, directly replaceable by user
  • CO sensor type Precalibrated chemical cell on module, directly replaceable by user
  • Alarm Buzzer 85dB(A)@ 1m.
  • Alarm threshold 10% L.E.L.
  • Output (relay) 5(2)A @ 250V~ SPDT
  • Sensor life 5 anni
  • Green LED Detector active
  • Yellow LED Detector failure
  • Red LED Alarm
  • IP rating IP42
  • Dimensions H107 W85 D38 mm
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